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Please note we provide FREE bins for all businesses

We can collect most waste kinds created by commercial and industrial clients, on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis including:

*General waste
*Combined building waste
*Garden Waste
*Assorted domestic sort waste
*Packaging, Fabrics
*Cylinder Recycling

These satisfactory waste types can be segregated or combined in an identical dumpster for Local waste management to pre-treat, split and recycle at our specialised facility.

There are nevertheless several substances that can’t be put in our dumpsters due to laws or their dangerous nature. In case these items are identified before set they are going to be removed or if identified after group subsequently these will be returned after being quarantined and recorded for the environment service as well as a cost perhaps imposed for the processing and return of these things.

Included in these are:

*Iceboxes, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioning units
*Electric Appliances (small)
*Medical Waste
*Paints (including deposits inside paint cans) and solvents
*Aerosols and gasoline canisters
*Dangerous/ Toxic Waste
We still might manage to dispose of these things for you, for additional info contact us for guidance.

Vehicle Specifications
Local waste management provide a broad range of dumpsters in a variety of specifications and sizes.

Our variety of vehicles comprise Dumpster Loaders and Roll on Roll off vehicles. Skip Loaders are trucks made to take routine sized dumpsters, appropriate for the group of both national and commercial waste and Roll on Roll off vehicles were created to take bigger containers for removing and transporting substantial volumes of heavier substances including building materials and construction waste.

For additional information please view the specifications below.

2 Ton (Miniature) Dumpsters*

1.2m (4′)
Height: 0.76m (2’6″)

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