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Commercial Waste Management Folkestone

Kent, south-east England, is home to Folkestone, a port town on the English Channel. It is located in a valley between two cliffs on the Southern side of the North Downs. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the port was a major trading port and harbour. At the eastern end of M20, the town is easily accessible from Ashford, Maidstone, London, as well as the M25. It is motorway-standard to Dover and follows the M20 to Ashford and Sydney, before continuing to Sidcup and Lewisham for central London, and then continuing along the A20 to its termination in Swanley at the A20, M20 and M25. In the 19th century, Folkestone was a small fishing hamlet with a seafront constantly battered by storms, making it difficult for boats to land. However, the town has a restored Harbour Arm which is now an impressive seafront promenade with a world-class view. 

At the current day, it continues to be a hub for food, drink, and entertainment due to the small, independent businesses that it hosts. The Old High Street, with its cobblestone streets, is also a popular attraction in this town. Upon the completion of the closure of the station and viaduct in 2014, the historic railway station is now a flourishing public promenade and walkway. At Cylinder Recycling, we are well aware of the waste that gets accumulated as a result of running a business, events, or constructions. Which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to manage all of the commercial waste. Using our experts, your business can reduce the amount of waste it produces. Call us at 1227 490 570 to get in contact with us. Since our waste management is so diverse, we have all of the equipment we need to collect and dispose of the waste generated by these events. We would be happy to hear from you.

Commercial Waste Collection Folkestone

Folkestone lies on the North Downs escarpment where it meets the sea. As opposed to the white cliffs of Dover to the east, Folkestone’s cliffs are made up of greensand from the Folkestone Formation and gault clay. There once was a fishing village here on Pent Brook, a small stream that breaks through the cliffs. In addition to one of the prettiest coastlines in the country and a high-speed rail link to London, this town has it all: it’s unique, friendly, and proud of its history. Moreover, a variety of local businesses are now located in the historic section of town, which is now home to the Creative Quarter. Evidently, this growing town  is a buzz for businesses. Luckily, business waste is where we strive at Cylinder Recycling. We have the ins and outs related to commercial waste and with us being a local waste hauler, we can offer tailored waste services for your business.

There is a legal requirement for businesses in the United Kingdom to observe a “Duty of Care” by ensuring that waste generated by the business is stored appropriately and not disposed of by unlicensed sources. Due to our credibility and licensing, our commercial garbage collection services have saved thousands of businesses and schools money and helped the environment at the same time by practising safe and environmentally friendly waste management. For us, no company is too large or too small; we provide waste removal solutions for all. As a company with over 30 years of experience, we provide a high-quality, cost-effective waste management solution adapted to your needs.

Commercial Waste Disposal Folkestone

Depending on your company’s disposal needs, we can tailor waste pickup schedules. In order to properly dispose of your materials, we will conduct a site inspection. Whenever we weigh your containers, we provide you with accurate weight records. Using automated sorting technology, we separate recycled from general waste at our recycling facility after collection. Some businesses produce waste that needs special attention and treatment. A hazardous material collection service and specialised containers are available for the safe removal, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials. The size and type of container required will vary depending on the hazardousness of the waste.

Furthermore, we also cater to restaurants, pubs and cafes. We help restaurants with their waste disposals across town. We have all you need for your waste stream, from the Rocksalt, which overlooks the harbour, to The Grand or Anna’s café and Steep Street coffee shop. All you have to do is give us a call right away.

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