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The town of Hastings is located on the southeast coast of England. Among its most notable residents is Battle Abbey, which was built on a field near where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066. In Hastings Castle, which was the home of William the Conqueror, you can see the Norman ruins overlooking the English Channel. East of Stade beach, there is a shingle seafront that hosts Hastings Fishermen’s Museum and Shipwreck Museum. During the nineteenth century, it was a prominent coastal resort thanks to the railway, which made it accessible to tourists. With an array of beach-based fishing fleets in Hastings, it is now a major fishing port in the UK. Today, many industrial estates exist around the town, mostly on the outskirts, including those for engineering, catering, and motoring; however, the majority of occupations in the Borough tend to focus on health, public services, retail, and education. Furthermore, There are a number of parks and open areas in the city, such as Alexandra Park, which was founded in 1882 by the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

This park also contains gardens, open spaces, woods, a bandstand, tennis courts, and a café. White Rock Gardens, West Marina Gardens, St Leonards Gardens, Gensing Gardens, Markwick Gardens, Summerfields Woods, Linton Gardens, Hollington Woods, Filsham Valley, Warrior Square, Castle Hill, St Helens Woods, and Hastings Country Park are among the other open spaces in the area. As you can see, this town that boasts the biggest fishing fleet in Europe is not shy of branching out and loves its greenery. In an effort to manage and mitigate the waste production, at Canterbury Waste Management, we can handle all of your commercial waste. To get in touch with us, call 1227 490 570. The waste generated by your company must not wind up in waste disposal areas that shouldn’t be receiving them. Our experts will assist your company in reducing the amount of food waste generated by your company.

Commercial Waste Collection Hastings

In order to maintain our planet’s integrity, waste management is crucial. We use environmentally friendly waste handling techniques at Waste Management Company because we care about the environment. We will provide you with free bins and will send them to you for free so that you can better manage your waste. Give us a call right now at 01227 490 570.  In waste management, waste reduction, waste control, and waste sustainability are all addressed. In waste management, waste reduction, waste control, and waste sustainability are all addressed. In waste management, materials that are generated through human activity as a result of a business,trade or events, are collected, transported, processed, and disposed of in a way that minimizes their impact on human health, local aesthetics, and amenity.

Essentially, waste management enables us to avoid destroying our natural resources and harming the environment, as well as providing a beautiful future for our children. Additionally to its retail activities, Hastings hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year, including Jack-in-the-Green (revived in 1983) and the Maydayrun, one of the largest motorcycle events in the country. As part of Hastings Old Town Week, the yearly carnival is held each year during August, which includes a variety of events around the Old Town, including a bike race, street party, and pram race. There is also the Seafood and Wine Festival that takes place in September, in conjunction with Coastal Currents, a month-long arts festival. Because our waste management is so varied, we have all the tools to collect and dispose of the waste created as a result of these events. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Commercial Waste Disposal Hastings

Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant in the Old Town area or a business in St Leonards, Cylinder Recycling Canterbury can help you meet your recycling duties and lead the area into a new era of sustainability! We can handle any type of commercial waste, from clinical waste to plastics to metals, allowing your company to be more efficient, clean, and environmentally conscious. We offer customised solutions for your business waste. No matter what your needs are, we tailor our services to meet them. We collect large skips on a regular basis, and we pick up wheelie bins periodically. We are familiar with gathering unusual and challenging items Including bulky waste items and items containing hazardous materials, such as asbestos. 

To ensure you manage trade waste easily on site, we will provide all the equipment you need, such as appropriate waste bins as part of our partnership. However, our services are only tailored to the businesses of Hastings. The residents have three household recycling centres to choose from:

Hastings Household Waste Recycling Site


East Sussex.

Eastbourne household waste recycling site

St Philip’s Avenue,


East Sussex

Mountfield household waste recycling site

London Road,


East Sussex 

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