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Food Waste Management Canterbury

Waste company has all your food waste management solutions covered. On top of everything, we also offer free bins, we deliver them to you for free, give you an option to choose when you want your waste collected, either daily, weekly or monthly. Our services are We also offer free bins, free bin delivery, an option for you to choose when you want your waste collected, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Our services are eco-friendly, cost-effective and the best waste management provider in Canterbury. 

You can reach us on 1227 490 570. It is your duty to ensure that the waste your business creates does not end up lying everywhere it should not be. Better yet, we will help you find ways to reduce the food waste your business creates. 

What is Food Waste Management?

Food waste management includes recycling, reducing, and disposing of food waste. And food waste is discarded food. Sometimes it is spoiled food, food peels, leftovers from our homes, offices, and places we eat from like restaurants. In most cases, this food we throw away is usually food that can still be consumed. What is waste from someone else can be a treasured meal to another person.

Even if your company does not specialise in food production, if it makes a considerable amount of food waste over time, you are obligated by law to hire a waste management solutions  company. This is because waste management companies are trained and licensed to handle waste management without exposing our environment and people to harm.

Food Waste Management Solutions Canterbury

Food waste management solutions come in different forms but the most practised and the most sustainable one is recycling. Another way is through reducing the amount of food waste your company creates. Below we will look at both these methods in detail.

Food Waste Recycling Canterbury

Food waste recycling is one waste management solution that is practised in the whole wide world. However, the rules around it can change so much that if your job is not waste management, things may be confusing and lost in translation. To avoid such things, call us at Waste company Canterbury today.  So, what is recycling? Recycling is when materials that would have been otherwise discarded are reprocessed to create new reusable materials such as energy, biofuel, electricity, car parts, reusable glass jars and bottles, cardboard, plastic products, steel, aluminium and so on and so forth.

During the food recycling process, your food waste is collected from your chosen premises and transported to recycling plants where it will undergo anaerobic digestion. This method uses high temperatures to break down the food waste in an enclosed space to prevent the gases from going into the atmosphere. It is a safe and controlled method of disposing of food waste. 

Food Waste Reduction Canterbury

Food waste reduction is a way of ensuring that our food waste is not excessive and unnecessary.  It is how we prevent food waste. Taking care to be conscious of the amount of food waste your business produces allows you to take sustainable steps in ensuring that we prevent making food waste. Remember, not all waste is actually waste. We can reduce food waste by adopting sustainable strategies such as:

Commercial composting where you can create a workplace initiative and have everyone compost their food waste to make biofertilizers and start a green garden. Not only will you be saving your company loads of money from buying food, you will also be playing your part in making this world a better place.

Donating leftovers. If you run a restaurant or a food production place such as catering, one way or another, you will have more food than you need. It could be  from your customer’s leftovers or leftovers from the food you were making to sell. Either way, if you find yourself with leftovers, the best way is to give them to people who are hungry and have less than you do.

At Waste company we pride ourselves in our sustainable and eco-friendly waste management. By hiring us to handle your waste, you will be taking the first step in sustaining our world for a better tomorrow. Call us today for more information.

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