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Glass is among the most widely recycled materials in the UK. It can be recycled over and over and over because it does not lose its quality due to the process of recycling. Glass recycling has a positive influence on British businesses because it’s estimated that 500 jobs are created for each 100,000 tonnes of glass collected for recycling.  When we as a country recycle all the glass we now throw away, it would create 7,500 more jobs overnight.

If you have glass waste that you need help managing, Waste company is here for you. With over thirty years in the waste business, we have collected hundreds of glass waste from all around Canterbury and all of the UK. Call us today for an obligation free quote or fill in the form on the right and we will call  you back.

We offer cost-effective and eco-friendly waste management solutions. We will also provide you with free bins, excellent customer service and a choice to choose when your glass waste is collected. The frequency is up to you. We can do daily, weekly, or monthly collections.  

Benefits of Glass Recycling

Glass recycling has lots of positive effects. The energy saved from recycling 1 glass bottle is enough to power a light bulb for 4 hours. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over again. Recycling glass is one of the best ways to combat global warming and the glass pollution all around the world. These are a few of the benefits associated with glass recycling:

Environmental Impact – New glass is made from natural resources such as sand and limestone and other natural resources. And,though we don’t have any shortages of these materials just yet, quarrying up limestone consumes a lot of natural resources and energy. However, recycling glass to create new glass uses much less energy and does not require any quarrying.

Reduces Air Pollution –Less use of energy means less carbon emitted to the atmosphere which ultimately means less air pollution. The air pollution is reduced by 20% and water pollution is reduced by 50%.

Recycling Saves Landfill Space – Too many glass waste ends up in landfills that could be recycled and then they stay in there for ages because glasses do not decompose. 

Glass Recycling Process

The first step in glass recycling is collection. We will go collect the glass waste from your premises. Then, once collected, the glass will be sent off to a recycling plant where the recycling process will begin. 

There, the glass glass is separated and sorted by colour and washed to remove any impurities.  Then it will be  smashed and melted, then moulded into new products such as jars and bottles. Waste glass may also be used for alternative purposes such as brick manufacture or decorative uses.

Recycling glass reduces gas emissions getting into the atmosphere. And because glass does not decompose, when sent into the landfills, it just takes up space. Recycling reduces landfill waste as well as saves energy, recreates more glass material and keeps the planet clean.

Why Recycle with Waste Company Canterbury

When you pick our glass collection service, we will provide your waste transfer note (wtn) and duty of care records, in addition to a suitable sized container, and also an agreed upon collection program to meet your waste needs.  Depending on your business we might also recommend that you take other kinds of waste collections such as overall waste, food waste, hazardous waste recycling.  

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