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Paper Waste Management Canterbury

Paper waste management involves recycling of paper and plays a major role in decreasing the environmental issues associated with pollution. By recycling one ton of paper, we save about 17 trees, tons of energy and water. If you are a business owner in Canterbury, you need to have a paper waste management solutions company to manage all the aspects of your paper waste management . 

The average business creates tons of paper waste per year.Did you know? One employee creates up to 740000  tons of paper per year and 74% of that is not work related. Though  most businesses use paper everyday to function, the waste produced can be less. If your company makes and sells magazines, newspapers, and other paper material, improper paper waste management can lead to a lot of paper waste. Businesses also receive lots of  packages that come in paper wrappings.

What is Paper Waste?

Paper waste is used and discarded paper material. It is then thrown away in bins to await collection by a waste company. From office papers, cardboard, to newspapers and paper wrappings, paper is found everywhere. The initial use of paper when it was first created was writing but now it used for almost everything including packaging. 

Most of this paper, if not properly managed ends up in landfills. Did you know that it takes 15 minutes to produce paper and everyday about 200 tons of paper is produced. Also, about 50% of paper waste comes from businesses and a quarter of that comes from packaging alone.

How Do You Recycle Paper?

The process of paper collection and recycling involves collection of the paper waste from your premises where it’ll be then transported to the paper waste recycling plant.

At the recycling plants, the waste will be separated into its different types and grades.There, it is mixed with other paper wastes in one big recycling bin. 

The separated paper will then be washed with water to clean it up and remove any impurities including ink, plastic, adhesives, and staples. Then that’ll  be mixed with water to create a pulp. A pulpis a large mixture of recycled paper where actual paper materials such as newspapers, cardboard, or office paper are created.

These other paper materials are created when the slurry is spread into thin sheets to make it easier to create these other paper materials. 

What Happens When Paper Waste is Not Managed Properly

The main problem we are faced with from paper waste and lack of recycling is deforestation. This is because paper made from raw material comes from trees. About 42% of all global wood harvest is a result of creating papers or paper products. By recycling, we significantly reduce this number to minimum and help prevent deforestation. For every single paper recycled, we save up to 24 trees! Also, recycling paper uses much less energy than creating the papers fresh from the trees

About 26% of paper waste ends up in landfills. As a result  landfills are one of the major issues associated with paper waste.  What people aren’t aware of is that it can take up to 15 years for paper to decompose in landfill and when that happens, harmful gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. This can cause environmental issues such as air pollution, soil contamination and water pollution. 

About 50% of paper waste comes from businesses and a quarter of that comes from packaging alone. So, do the right thing and call us today so we can handle your paper waste the right way.

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