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Recycling Canterbury

Complete Waste Management Recycling Services
We supply complete waste management and recycling services to numerous government agencies, authorities and national businesses.

With experienced and highly trained staff, a fleet of specialist vehicles and accessibility to a variety of in house and third party treatment facilities, we’re ideally placed to supply the whole array of services required to fulfill the service and reporting needs of our customers.

As portion of our service bundle we supply all mandatory on site gear (including containers, compaction & baling gear), transportation documentation, trade reporting and external reporting data.

Waste Recycling

Our objective will be to regain and redirect as much waste from landfill as feasible give valuable resources a second life through responsible and sustainable recycling options. Local waste management are constantly investing in the most up-to-date technology to supply the maximum recycling and recovery speeds possible. We identify the waste received, separate it and reprocess so that it can be economically reused in new production procedures.

Recycling Canterbury

Our aim will be to recover and recycle waste as economically as feasible watch over the ecosystem for future generations.

Environmental Regulations

As with other developed nations, the UK too has been tightening environmental regulations so as to promote sustainability. The objective would be to support initiation around using techniques and substances which are not as harmful to the ecosystem.

Corporate Responsibility

Studies indicate that businesses that take their corporate responsibility seriously have provided exceptional investor returns even during the tough economical environment of the previous 4 years.

Commercial waste collection Canterbury

Compactors for commercial.Occasionally a compactor simply is not enough. For commercial hire, we provide numerous kinds of waste compactors and balers that will help you handle your waste. Balers and Crushers decrease the volume of waste material by as much as 90%, allowing you to eliminate your waste – and boost your recycling profile – at a greatly reduced cost. Balers are perfect for minimising the expense of disposal of waste materials like plastic and cardboard. We’ve got a waste baling machine to satisfy every company, from space-saving vertical balers to flat balers capable of managing large throughput.

The bigger versions make mill-size bales, creating the possibility to yield a cash income from selling to a recycler. Crushers make light work of compacting waste cans and little drums to a portion of their former size.

Now they’re increasingly used for recyclable materials including plastics and cardboard. Many recyclers will take compacted cardboard as easily as baled card. Compactors may be provided in either chain-lift or roll on/roll off (dumpster lift) formats, to satisfy your transportation demands and with incorporated or outside bin lif.

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