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Waste Removal Canterbury

All businesses create some type of hazardous waste, it is not all made by big compound manufacturing companies or oil refineries.

We have specialised containers and manages a collection service for the safe removal, transport and disposal of dangerous waste substances. Various sizes and choice of containers are dependent on the dangerous nature of the waste.

Hazardous Waste company? You might need a assumptions code, please see below links to the Environment Agency Website at which you’ll find advice on hazardous waste as well as the link to put in an application for a premises code.


Nearby spend administration provides you with a supporting hand when coping with hazardous-waste elimination in knowing the complicated rules.

We shall put a hazardous-waste removal intend together to guarantee the methods that are right are now being adopted. Most kinds of hazardous-waste elimination performed including:

We shall show you within the correct path and it’s extremely important hazardous-waste removal is performed within the correct method and demonstrate of carrying this out an expense efficient method.

Bulbs and pipes
Utilizing experience and our substantial understanding of hazardous-waste administration we shall choose the most suitable removal path for the squanders and guarantee certification and most paperwork is in position to guarantee the rules are now being followed. Most quantities can be handled by us from ONE container to complete lots of packed or mass supplies supplying a complete support addressing, wherever required, packaging evaluation, labelling and fingertips.

Waste recycling Canterbury
Complete Waste Management
Local waste management provides a Complete Waste Management strategy based on individual customer requirements. A team of seasoned waste professionals will make sure that you comply with all present Legislation and certainly will deliver a Waste Management Option in-line with your needs. Our aim will be to supply sustainable cost effective alternatives.

Waste Removal Canterbury

Complete Waste Management will be able to help you with:

*Waste Minimisation and Constant Development
*Regaining Energy from Wastes
*Reaching conformity in all facets of waste management

Complete Waste Management extensive services include, but aren’t restricted to:

*Consolidated invoicing and data record.
*Efficacies – both in price and systems.
*Constant development and innovation providing measureable benefits.
*Providing training and media to raise environmental consciousness of consumer workers.
*Supply of onsite chemist and promotion service for hazardous wastes.
*In house laboratories for sample evaluation.
*Recycling and retrieval of both dangerous and non-hazardous wastes.
*Safe and compliant in house treatment and disposal alternatives.
*Environmental audits.
*Supply and end of all waste-associated instruction manual.

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